Stay safe online for only $19.99 a year with this Norton Antivirus Plus deal

Norton has graced us with a pretty great seasonal gift – excellent cyber protection at a very affordable price. It's slashed the price on a selection of its best antivirus products, with a massive 67% to be saved.

That's excellent news, if you're expecting to be the proud owner of some beautiful new tech devices comes the threat of malware and security and the need for cybersecurity.

Click here to bag Norton's bargains straight away with Norton Antivirus Plus the most affordable of the lot at $19.99 for the first year,

And if you're looking for a more comprehensive plan, the antivirus giant is also offering discounts on plenty of its other plans that will help cover a whole family of tech. 

Got a couple of questions or need more information? Keep scrolling as we've got this awesome antivirus deal outlined for you.

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However, if full protection and security is what you're going for then we recommend you purchase one of Norton's more comprehensive plans. Plus, the service is also having discounts on the following plans:

Should I upgrade my Norton Antivirus Plan?

Well that completely depends on your cybersecurity needs and whether you're considering setting up several devices with protection or if you just need it for one. 

The Norton Antivirus Plus is a great basic plan to secure one laptop or desktop computer, but if you need several devices protected then we would recommend the Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 Select. Both plans come with security for five different devices, which is quite cost-effective if you need several devices set up. 

The latter comes with the Norton LifeLock which helps monitor your personal accounts, and sends you alerts if they detect your information in their network. It's one of the largest civilian cyber intelligence networks.

Now if you just want the step above the Norton Antivirus Plus then we recommend the Norton 360 Standard which is exactly like the former plan but with a VPN included. 

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