A Disney Plus subscription is now available as a last-minute Christmas gift

Disney Plus launched last month, but Disney only recently added the option to gift. If you're in the US, Disney now has the option to gift an annual subscription for $69.99, which might be ideal if you want to email a present in time for Christmas. 

With the Disney streaming service having seen 10 million signups in the first 24 hours alone, you may want to check your friend or relative in question isn't making use of it already, but otherwise this should be a handy way to make sure the people you care about can coo with you over your favorite Disney Plus movies or The Mandalorian TV show.

While you can gift the subscription digitally at the link above, we're told that “Physical gift cards are also available for purchase in US Disney Stores and select Disneyland and Walt Disney Stores.”

There are are a few caveats, as these gift cards are specifically for the standard paid subscription; you don't get a seven day free trial, or the option to cancel within the first few days without being charged. They also can't be used for the Disney Plus bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu, meaning you'll have to choose between the bundle offer and the ability to gift a subscription conveniently.

The only option available is the annual package, too, meaning you can't gift in one- or three-month batches – or with Netflix's $25 / $50 gift cards – so it may be more expensive than a casual Christmas gift to an acquaintance.

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As more and more streaming services launch, or prepare to, it's harder than ever to keep track of the season's biggest shows and titles. 

Disney has the benefit of a huge back catalogue that spans decades, as well as new animated and live-action shows developed exclusively for the service, meaning that – for now at least – Disney Plus is probably the most exciting streaming service you can sign up to.

It may not keep you from Netflix forever, as the excitement of every classic Disney movie, or a home for select Marvel films may wear off when you've binged through a few weekends. But if you're looking for a gift for that TV-lover in your life, a Disney Plus subscription isn't a bad choice.

If you just want some Disney goodness for yourself, though, you can subscribe at the link below.

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