This bargain broadband deal gets you a major fibre upgrade for free with Vodafone

Recently, Vodafone and TalkTalk have taken it in turns to offer up a broadband deal that repeatedly has us slightly stumped. Taking their very fastest fibre plans and bringing the price down to match their cheaper, regular fibre plans.

And after what feels like a relatively long hiatus from either retailer offering up this speed hike, Vodafone has finally brought it back just in time for Christmas! Offering up average speeds of 63Mb for a price of just £23 a month, you're saving £4 each month on the original price.

This makes this deal essentially a free upgrade from Vodafone's regular Superfast fibre 1 package which is also priced at £23. And the news only gets better for existing Vodafone customers.

If you happen to have a phone contract with Vodafone, you'll only be paying £21 a month, a pretty ridiculous price for a faster fibre broadband deal. You can find out everything you need to know about this promotion below.

Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

Want more with your broadband deal?

This is looking like easily one of the best broadband deals around right now, but what else is available? If you choose to go with BT, the UK's most popular ISP, you can get a £80 BT reward card (essentially a free-to-use Mastercard). That's paired with speeds averaging 50Mb and a price of £28.99, just watch the 24 month contract.

Want the cheapest fibre around? That coveted title currently goes to Onestream. At a price of just £17.99, it really doesn't get cheaper than this. However, speeds average 17Mb with this package, meaning you may struggle with some HD streaming and gaming.

Finally, if you need something faster than this Vodafone deal, Virgin will be the way to go. It offers speeds averaging 108Mb for just £33 a month.

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