This is the best-value Full HD monitor on the planet

Portable monitors are probably the best way to get a second or a third display when on the move. Portable projectors are far too onerous for what they offer and require a dark room and a flat surface.

Head over to AliExpress where you can get an EDUP 13.3-inch full HD LED monitor with a case for as little as $61.47. That price excludes a $4 discount for being a new user as well as shipping which is as low as $11.54 for the UK. 

Aliexpress offers a 35-day buyer protection with a money back guarantee. Just bear in mind that the item can take long, often weeks, to be delivered unless you pay for a faster courier.

What you get for that outlay is a plug-and-play video display unit with a separate stand. Visually, it has a much smaller footprint than an A4 sheet and weighs about 600g. 

The no-name product uses IPS technology encased in an aluminum alloy shell. It has a contrast ratio of 800: and a pair of speakers as well as VESA holes should you want to hook it up on a stand or the wall.

It can be powered via USB but has a separate proprietary pin plug if you have a compatible power supply unit. Other inputs include a 3.5-mm headphone jack and two mini HDMI ports. Note that it comes with a power adapter and an HDMI cable.

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