This fantastic PS4 Slim deal comes with three top games for an amazing price

Pick up a cheap PS4 Slim deal this week and you'll also take home three amazing games included in the price. For just $249.99 you can grab a 1TB console with The Last of Us: Remastered, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition in this fantastic PS4 deal. These are some of Sony's best exclusives, so if you've been out the loop with PlayStation over the last few years, picking them all up at once will be an extra win. 

The PS4 Slim is the redesigned PS4 console. While it doesn't offer the 4K scale of the PS4 Pro, it's available for a fantastic price with some truly great games this week. This console usually goes for $299.99 by itself on a good day, so grabbing three top quality titles for $50 less than the going rate will set you up well for the holiday season. 

Today's best PS4 Slim deal

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