Best Buy has a Nintendo Switch deal that comes with a $30 gift card

Today's best Nintendo Switch deal is helping the online shopping season chug along, with Best Buy selling the console for its regular price ($299), with the added bonus of getting a free $30 gift card to the big-box retailer.

The Nintendo Switch rarely gets more generous deals than this one, and it’s prime time to buy one of these consoles before they’re sold out for the holidays. Any value added incentive is good for Nintendo’s best-selling system.

What will $30 off get you? How about half off a brand new game you were already going to buy with the Switch – which would obviously be the new Pokemon Sword and Shield? Or a bit less than half off an extra pair of Joy Cons or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? Or a memory card to store all your games locally? 

So don’t tut-tut this deal for not being the most generous deal we’ve ever seen for the Nintendo console. Who knows? This might be the cheapest we’ll see it after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And if you absolutely need the system for cheaper, consider the Nintendo Switch Lite – though you won’t get that sweet docking action.

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