How to watch Johnson vs Corbyn 2 online: stream BBC Prime Ministerial Debate for free in the UK or abroad

It's been a month of grilling interviews, intense debates and outrage from the public for both Boris Johnson and the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. And now, it is time for the next round. Read on to see how to watch the BBC Prime Ministerial Debate online – aka Johnson vs Corbyn 2!

For both party leaders, November wasn't exactly a month of popularity, with both having to back out of debates and facing interviews which left many major questions unanswered in the run-up to the general election.

However, this is one debate that will not be skipped – the BBC Prime Ministerial debate. Kicking off in Southampton, this will be the first time the two leaders have gone head-to-head since their first general election debate clash in mid-November.

In that time, many major topics have been raised – the possibility of the sale of NHS services to America, rising inequality rates and the obvious topic of Brexit. With all of that verbal ammunition to throw at each other, you'll want to watch the BBC Prime Ministerial debate online as it happens live.

With the general election inching nearer and nearer, this will be one of the last debates and the last time we will see Corbyn and Johnson battle it out one-on-one, giving one last chance to get in some one-liners, quips and most importantly, devastating blows.

Want to watch the BBC Prime Ministerial debate online? Scroll down to see where, when and how to live stream it as it happens. And if you happen to be out of the country on the day, we've got information below on how to watch it abroad.

Watch the BBC Prime Ministerial Debate online for free in the UK:

This BBC-hosted debate will be shown on, you guessed it…the BBC. To catch all of the action live on your TV, tune in to BBC One at 8.30pm on Friday, December 6. Or if you would prefer to use your laptop, phone, iPad or other device, you can use the BBC iPlayer app to stream the BBC debate instead.

You can also head over to the free to use which has good quality streaming as well as the rest of the Freeview channels on one easy platform.

Stream the BBC debate anywhere else in the world for free:

If you're out of the country when the BBC debate is live, you will sadly find the content is geo-blocked. That can be extremely frustrating, especially if you're simply away on holiday or living abroad. But luckily, there is a fix. 

So that you don't miss out, you could always try tuning in by using a VPN. They're super easy to use and effectively allow you to change your IP address for one in another country and watch as if you were back in the UK.

Getting a VPN and watching from abroad is as easy as 1-2-3…

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