Pre-order the Baby Yoda Funko Pop for just $8 today

It's been circulating the internet since it first appeared on our screens in The Mandalorian, and now you can pre-order the baby Yoda Funko Pop for just $8 at Walmart. That's right, soon you'll be able to gaze into those adorable little eyes any time you like – in real life! 

Though it's not actually baby Yoda, the internet has imploded after this tiny little alien started gazing into our souls with those big black eyes on The Mandalorian. The Disney Plus show has stormed its way into meme culture and back again, with the obvious results being this baby Yoda Funko Pop heading to store shelves in May 2020. 

If you can't wait that long, you can take your first steps into a new world of cuteness just by pre-ordering the baby Yoda Funko Pop today for $8. That's the price of the smaller version, but you can also pick up a 10″ figure for $29.96. 

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Pre-order your Baby Yoda Funko Pop today

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