The Baby Yoda Funko Pop is real and coming in 2020

While Baby Yoda hasn't yet been declared Time Magazine's Person of the Year, that little scamp otherwise gets everywhere. The Mandalorian's breakout puppet star was kept secret throughout the entire promotional period for the Disney Plus series – but now the merchandise is coming thick and fast. Baby Yoda will soon be a Funko Pop, and a plushie. 

Forget words, let's see some pictures, first starting with the Funko:

Unfortunately for fans of the little guy, this Funko won't be out in time for the holidays – in fact, Baby Yoda's Funko will arrive in February 2020, long after The Mandalorian is finished (they're up for pre-order on Walmart already). 

One thing to note: since 'Baby Yoda' isn't actually this creature's real name, the Funko will be referred to as 'The Child'. 

It'll be available as a regular-sized Funko Pop and a 10-inch version. If you like this style of vinyl figure, then hey, go wild. He sort of looks like he was designed to be a Funko to begin with. 

Mattel, meanwhile, will release an 11-inch plushie of Baby Yoda in February 2020. You can already pre-order that, too. Here's a picture:

Admittedly, neither are a substitute for owning an actual, real-life Baby Yoda, who we would all steal if we could, but let's enjoy this pleasant time before the world inevitably tires of his adorable antics and the consensus turns against him, thrusting us back into the dark world we knew before we met Baby Yoda back in The Mandalorian's first episode. 

Some other, less exciting merchandise, like shirts and phone covers, are also coming, according to the official Star Wars website, which are cool in their own right, but the Funkos and the plushie are the most notable items. 

You'll next see Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian episode 5, later this week. 

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