The best smart scale is only $50 for Cyber Monday at Best Buy

We've tested the best smart scales in 2019, and good news: our top-rated pick is now on sale for half off, instantly making it one of Best Buy's most tempting Cyber Monday deals.

The Withings Body+ Composition Wi-Fi Scale is just $50 and ready to give your 2020 an uplift by tracking your weight loss progress – or your weight gain. It also has the ability to calculate your BMI, muscle mass, and water percentage.

All of this data is sent to the Withings app using your home's Wi-Fi network, allowing you to see your ups and downs over time. We've used various Withings scales over the last few years, so seeing your body evolve over time is great – and a bit scary.

But for $50, it's hard to argue with this smart scale and consider buying a dumb scale ever again. A smart scale is a great thing to buy now because it's not a gadget that needs to be upgraded every year (really this tech is from 2016). Get it before it goes back up to $99.

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