You can get a 120GB SSD for just $15 in this crazy Black Friday SSD deal

Finding inexpensive computing components can become a hobby in and of itself. It's never not magical to find an SSD that you can pick up for the same price as lunch, especially if you're trying to create a budget PC build list in time for Black Friday

Right now, you can pick up the 120GB ADATA Ultimate SU650 SSD for just $15.99 at Newegg, making it one of the most price-effective storage options out there. At this price, it's actually more affordable than a USB drive with the same amount of storage. 

Now, don't get us wrong, this isn't going to be the best SSD on the market by any means, nor the most reliable. However, because it only costs $16, there's not much to lose by getting this for backup storage or archival. It's still based on the aging SATA III interface, so it won't keep up with an NVMe M.2 drive. But, again, if you are trying to save as much cash as possible, there's not much to lose. 

This could make for an excellent boot drive for your new budget PC build, or even a super cheap upgrade to make an older laptop run much faster, as it does use the same SATA interface that a lot of older laptops use. Whatever use you have for a cheap SSD, this will get the job done. 

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