John Lewis Black Friday phone deals: two-year guarantee on top of price matches

There are some great smartphone deals as part of the Black Friday sales, and while some retailers are showing bigger discounts than others, it seems John Lewis Black Friday sale isn't going to win any prizes for smartphone deals. That's okay, though, because there's another reason you'd want to buy there.

This reason is the excellent John Lewis guarantee policy, which protects your purchase for years after you make it, and this could transform some great smartphone deals from simple price cuts to something more.

John Lewis provides a two-year guarantee on smartphones – which is as long as many people use a new phone for – so even though John Lewis doesn't have any particularly cheap phones, you might want to look for Black Friday phone deals there.

If any of the John Lewis Black Friday phones deals below appeal to you, we'll let you know if you can find the smartphone cheaper elsewhere, or if there's a reason to shop around anyway. Not all the phones are cheaper elsewhere, because of John Lewis' price match policy, and in those cases we'll let you know – and when the price is only a little more elsewhere, the guarantee might make the extra cost worth it.

The obvious alternative to doing your Black Friday shopping at John Lewis is going to Amazon, where Prime members get next-day delivery, so if you want your new phone fast, that could be a better option.

John Lewis Black Friday phones deals

If you're not based in the UK, we've got some great phone deals for you too. Check out the latest Black Friday phone prices in the US here:

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