This Honor 20 discount makes it an excellent back to school phone deal

The summer is coming to a close and that means one thing. No, not rain and ominous weather (well, that too), but a new school term. And whether you're a university student or still in school, there will likely be a long list of tasks you need to get sorted before you head back. But we're here to help with one part of that list – a cheap as chips phone for going back to school.

If your contract is coming to an end or you've grown tired of your old beaten up handset, now is the time to upgrade. And we know as students you're on a budget, that's why we've tracked down an impressive smartphone for just £369.95.

That price gets you the 2019 smartphone the Honor 20. Not only is that an excellent price for a phone like this but it is also a £30 reduction on the device's original price. 

And if you're liking the sound of this offer but you're no longer a student then don't worry, you can still get your hands on this offer. You can see the deal in full below and see all of the different retailers offering this pricing.

This budget back to school Honor 20 deal:

What is the Honor 20 like?

The Honor 20 features a 6.26-inch LCD display, a 3750mAh battery and a 6GB RAM processor. In other words this is a powerful piece of tech, especially for the price you're paying.

Honor has even followed the trend of offering a triple camera set-up so you're set to take some impressive shots on your new phone.

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