Microsoft admits the Windows 10 Your Phone app works best with Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Your Phone app in Windows 10 is a handy tool for connecting smartphones up to the operating system, allowing you to view and reply to messages, but Microsoft has now admitted that to get the most out of the app, you’ll need to have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The revelation comes in a Twitter exchange, where Microsoft employee Analy Otero Diaz reveals that the new Note 10 can use the Phone Screen feature – where the screen of the phone is shown in Windows 10 – on any Windows PC running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update without needing a Bluetooth connection.

This is notable (excuse the pun) because Your Phone doesn’t offer the Phone Screen feature for any other smartphones – only Microsoft’s Surface products.

Not needing Bluetooth is another boon for people with desktop PCs without Bluetooth built in. Again, Diaz confirms that for the moment, this is “part of the Link to Windows feature coming out first on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 devices.”

Microsoft loves Samsung

These exclusive features are part of the Link to Windows tool that Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated for the Note 10, and make Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone even more of a powerful productivity tool.

However,if you use the Your Phone app and don't want to pay for the expensive Galaxy Note 10, the fact that you’re missing out on some very useful features will be disappointing.

Another Twitter user asked Diaz if those features will come to all devices in the future – not just the Galaxy Note 10. According to Diaz, “we will share more details in the future about expanding to additional devices,” so there’s still hope for non-Note 10 owners.

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