Lenovo Smart Clock update gives Google Photos a new bedside home

We loved the Lenovo Smart Clock when we first reviewed it in Spring of 2019, but couldn't help but feel that the smart display's screen was underused. A new and very welcome update rectifies that.

Bringing the device more in line with the similarly Android-powered Google Home Hub, the Lenovo Smart Clock can now be set up to display the photos you have saved in your Google Photos account, like a digital photo frame.

The automatic update, rolling out this week, will also open up more natural conversations with Google Assistant: say “Hey Google” just the once, and you'll be able to follow it up with other requests without using the wake word for each one.

More camera support

Finally, the update will bring increased support for displaying security cameras on the screen. It worked fine with Nest cameras before, but it'll now also work alongside a wider range of Assistant-friendly cameras.

It answers many of the issues we originally had with the Lenovo Smart Camera, which impressed with its small design and low-key look, as well as it's incredible attractive low price point.

We'll be sure to update our review once the update rolls out to our test devices.

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