Get free wireless headphones with Samsung phone deals – both SIM-free and contract

For some perfectionists and audiophiles, the headphones that come with most mobile phones simply won't do. But thanks to a promotion from Samsung, you can currently land a free pair of AKG Y500 headphones when you pick up one of its 2019 mobile phones.

With these Samsung phone deals – on the Galaxy S10e, A50, A70 and A80 to be exact – you can grab this freebie worth around £129.99 when you buy either SIM-free or on contract. That means a high-end pair of headphones, offering noise cancelling, wireless connection and even ambient awareness modes…not to mention 'detailed and refined' sound performance.

Whether you want to get your brand new Samsung phone deal on a contract or SIM-free, this offer is available both ways. We've compiled a list of all of the retailers stocking this headphone promotion down below.

This deal comes to an end on September 19 giving you plenty of time to get your free headphones. But, if you do end up missing it, you can always check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals to see what else is available.

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Which retailers are offering these Samsung phone deals?



What are the AKG Y500 headphones like?

Opting for a more refined sound, the AKG Y500 headphones are an impressive pair of premium headphones. They offer a stylish design, interesting colour options and clear and defined sounds in both the highs and lows.

They also offer some clever extra features like 'Ambient Aware' allowing noise to flow in so you can be aware of your surroundings, bluetooth and cabled connections and the ability to pause music just by taking your headphones off.

In fact, our friends over at What Hi-Fi? gave them a perfect 5 out of 5 rating! You can find out more about these headphones in their review.

How to redeem your headphones

Once you've purchased your brand new Samsung phone, simply go to Samsung and redeem your headphones. After going through that link, follow through the claim now button  and fill out the questions.

You have to claim before September 19 otherwise you will not be able to get the headphones. They will then arrive within 45 days of your claim being received. 

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