Motorola Razr foldable phone could be out by the end of 2019

The Motorola Razr upcoming foldable phone has rather been forgotten compared to other big-name foldables like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, probably because it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but it looks like the device could be out around the same time as those phones.

That's according to LetsGoDigital, a Dutch tech website, which claims a source close to the matter passed it some important information, including the Motorola Razr's release date and price.

According to the source, the Motorola Razr will be out by December 2019 – we weren't expecting to hear much about it until at least 2020, purely because there hasn't been the huge influx of leaks as there were for Huawei and Samsung's foldables.

That release date would mean it would arrive after its competitor devices, but not by much – and if previous rumors are to be believed it would be the first 'clamshell' foldable available to general consumers.

When we say 'available', though, we don't necessarily mean 'affordable'. The source says the Motorola Razr launch price will be €1,500, which converts to roughly $1,660, £1,375 or AU$2,450 – while that's more affordable than the Galaxy Fold or Mate X, it's still a steep price, and much more than the majority of current smartphones, like the base 64GB model iPhone XS Max.

The reason the Motorola Razr might cost less than other foldables is because it's set to be the first 'mid-range' of such devices, with a weaker chipset and specs. We heard a rumor suggesting this in March, and the LetsGoDigital source backs it up.

This has the potential to be slightly worrying, as the device is touted to have a relatively small battery – and since the device is going to have a large folding screen, a smaller power pack could result in it having a mediocre battery life.

Since LetsGoDigital's source is anonymous, we can't be sure how they got this information, and as such it could be incorrect. We'll find out come December, when the source says the phone will launch, so stay tuned to TechRadar to see if we get our hands on the phone then or not.

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