Broadband deal of the week: free Amazon Echo Dot with Vodafone's fastest fibre

Update: Originally, this broadband deal from Vodafone came with an Amazon Echo Plus. Vodafone has now changed the freebie you'll get to an Amazon Echo Dot. At present, this offer is due to run until September 10.

We have to say, this broadband deal has us somewhat stumped. Vodafone has taken both of its fibre broadband deals and priced them at the same monthly cost. Confusing? Yes. A great time to seize a bargain on some superfast fibre internet? An even bigger yes.

It means for just £23 a month (or only £20 for existing Vodafone phone customers) you can get Vodafone's Superfast fibre 2 package – the exact same price as its Superfast 1 package, can you imagine which one we would recommend? 

The Superfast fibre 2 package boasts speeds of 63Mb, which makes the £23 a month you're paying for it astounding and the £20 existing Vodafone customers pay almost unbelievable.

As if that affordable pricing wasn't enough, Vodafone doesn't even charge any upfront fees and even more importantly (sorry, we're really excited about this one) it's also throwing in a FREE Amazon Echo Dot with all of its broadband deals.

It feels like nobody told Vodafone they only had to pip the competition by a little bit because no other broadband deals come close to this. Vodafone's sale will be coming to an end on 10 September so you still have plenty of time to grab it. 

Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

Want more with your broadband deal?

While this is one of the best, affordable fibre broadband deals around, you can get even cheaper bills. You may not have heard of the ISP, but Onestream's Jetstream Lite Fibre costs a mere £18.99 per month. You do have to pay a tenner upfront though, so it works out as roughly the same as Vodafone in the long run. Plus, this deal does also offer the lowest average fibre speeds on the market at 17Mb.

While for those who want an added extra with their internet, BT could be the way to go. It costs £31.99 a month but comes with a £100 BT Reward Card on top of its faster 50Mb fibre speeds.

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