Move over Three – Smarty's 25% discount on unlimited data SIM only deals is back

A few months ago, we saw lesser-known SIMO provider Smarty drop an offer to top the rest of the market – 25% off its unlimited data plan. And now, Smarty has brought it back, once again reclaiming its title of best unlimited data SIM only deal around.

So what are you paying after that 25% cut to the price? This offer works out at just £18.75 per month. Down from £25, this is a pretty major saving for a complete lack of caps on your data usage.

But, here's the great news. This deal doesn't just appeal with its affordable pricing and massive data cap. With Smarty, you're only on a 1-month rolling contract, meaning you can leave whenever you want.

Smarty even offers the ability to use your unlimited data as a hotspot, allowing you to connect your laptop, iPad or even console without fears of running out of data.

Interested? You can see Smarty's offer down below in full. Or check out our guide to the best SIM only deals to see what other options are currently available.

Smarty's superb SIM only deal in full:

What other SIM only deals are available?

While no unlimited data SIMO is going to beat this, Three sits in a close second place. With two separate unlimited data offers, one for two years at £20 a month (with half price bills for the first six months) and the other for one year at £20 a month, Three isn't far behind Smarty. So if you like your SIMO from a name you know or will be missing the end date of this deal, Three could be the way to go.

Or if £18.75 is still more than you're willing to spend, Three is yet again the choice to go for – offering 8GB of data for just £9 a month.

Finally, for those who prioritise speed over everything else, we would recommend Carphone Warehouse's 20GB for £20 a month on EE. More expensive than Smarty but you get access to the UK's fastest 4G speeds. 

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