Playboy debuts its first wireless headphones (bunny ears not included)

If you think of Playboy, you might not immediately think of wireless headphones; however, the risqué entertainment (ahem) magazine has just launched its own audio brand, called Playboy Audio. 

The brand's first foray into the world of personal audio are the ICON 1 Wireless Headphones, which are available to buy from the Playboy Audio website for $149.99. This works out at around £120 / AU$220, although there's no word on when these over-ear headphones will become available globally. 

Playboy says that the new wireless headphones offer “a premium distortion-free, high-fidelity sound experience using rich, powerful bass”, and that ICON 1's “advanced microphone and hands-free technology provides a crystal clear and comfortable listening experience for phone calls”. 

wireless headphones

A long musical heritage

In terms of battery life, you get up to 22 hours per charge, and you can listen via Bluetooth or with the included auxiliary cable.

Playboy says that the listening experience will “come to life with the Playboy Sound Instagram page, where users can tap into a Pleasures Playlist” – a stories series where artists share some of their favorite songs.  

Playboy says that the headphones are designed to be “ultra-portable”, with a lightweight, ergonomic design. The ICON 1 Wireless Headphones certainly don't shy away from the Playboy branding, sporting the infamous Playboy bunny logo on the headband.

While it may come as a surprise that the brand best known for its magazine's nude centerfolds (which include household names like Pamela Anderson and Marylin Monroe) has branched out into the world of audio, Playboy thinks it makes perfect sense. 

In a press release sent to TechRadar, the company cites its long musical heritage, “from the first Playboy interview featuring Miles Davis… to interviews from some of music's most legendary names including Elton John, The Beatles, Stevie Nicks, Justin Timberlake, Lizzo, and Gary Clarke Jr”.

Whether the Playboy Audio ICON 1 Wireless Headphones can live up to that in terms of audio quality remains to be seen.  

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