Sonos looks to be adding Bluetooth to its next speaker

Whatever Sonos is planning for its next speaker, it would appear to include Bluetooth connectivity, according to new devices filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Two new pieces of hardware have been logged with the FCC, the Verge reports, and one of them comes with Bluetooth on board. It would be the first Sonos speaker to launch with Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi capabilities.

At the moment you need to hook up Sonos speakers to your Wi-Fi network at home in order to beam music to them from a phone, tablet or laptop on the same network. Bluetooth would allow direct phone-to-speaker connectivity.

The Sonos One does have Bluetooth on board, but it's only used during the setup process – you can't use it to send audio streams direct to the speaker from an app (as you can, say, with an Amazon Echo speaker).

Extra audio capabilities

Beyond the model number, which is S17, and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the filing suggests the new speaker will come with a blue strip on it – no doubt to indicate its enhanced Bluetoothness.

With Sonos events already in the calendar for August 26 and 27, as per press events, it seems that this new hardware might appear before the month is out (and could well get shown off at IFA 2019).

The speaker maker continues to expand its product portfolio, adding AirPlay 2 to its most recent products, as well as support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It's also been working on speakers in partnership with Swedish furniture makers.

Bluetooth would extend the capabilities of Sonos speakers even further, allowing users to stream audio from any app on their phones or laptops – not just those apps specifically supported by the Sonos platform.

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