Samsung Galaxy Note 10 pre-order deals have landed – see where to buy it in the UK

Forgo the S10s and the 'A' series devices because Samsung has a new flagship to get excited about – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Now officially available to buy, the Note 10 is Samsung's latest powerhouse phone.

Considering the Note series is Samsung's biggest and most powerful collection of devices, we were expecting the prices to be staggeringly expensive. However, coming in at a SIM-free price of £869 it is looking relatively affordable…for a flagship of this size, at least.

While that is the cheapest SIM-free price for the 'regular' Note 10, you will pay more for the bigger Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (from £999) and Note 10 Plus 5G (from £1,099). And, with the option of £100 extra off the price with trade-in from a number of retailers, that cost can drop even further.

Head straight to Samsung to bag this brand new device

But for the premium price, what is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offering? Internally, you're getting 8GB Ram and a 3500mAh battery. Considering the Note 10 is being pushed for its gaming abilities, you can expect some pretty impressive processing power.

That paired with the 6.3-inch AMOLED Infinity-O display and innovative 'S' pen makes this an ideal phone for a range of smartphone shoppers – gamers and creatives especially.

For those keen to delve straight on in to a contract on the Note 10, we're seeing prices starting at around £40 per month – a surprisingly affordable cost for a phone like this. SIM-free or contract, we've listed the absolute best retailers to get the phone down below.

Of course, with the phone still being in its pre-order stage, you won't actually receive it until August 23.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals:

If you want pre-order the Samsung Note 10 (or either of the Plus versions), then you can do so immediately direct from Samsung now. But we're expecting the following retailers to be stocking it pretty much straight away too:

Buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on a contract:

Carphone Warehouse
Mobile Phones Direct
Sky Mobile

Buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 SIM-free:

John Lewis

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