iPhone XS deals don't get better than this – 100GB of data at an impressively low price

The iPhone XS is easily one of the most expensive devices Apple has ever made, there's no getting around that. But for those trying to grab this phone at its cheapest price…what if we told you that there is an offer that skips the compromise, offering a heap of data at one of the handset's cheapest price tags.

While that sounds like the sort of offer that comes with a glaring flaw or catch, there really isn't one. This is simply an iPhone XS deal from Three offering 100GB of data. All you have to pay is £52 a month and £49 upfront.

That might sound like a huge amount to pay and for most phones it would be. But, when it comes to the iPhone XS this is probably the best cost we've ever seen on the device, making that 100GB of data even more impressive.

That's enough data to hold over even the most determined internet users. With the ability to download roughly 20,000 songs a month, or stay on a video call for nine and a half days, it's more of a challenge to use up all of that data each month!

This brilliant iPhone XS deal in full:

So what's so good about the iPhone XS?

There is a good reason for the iPhone XS's lofty price. Extremely powerful and full of features, it's clearly one of the best phones on the market right now, even with competition from the far newer Galaxy S10 deals and Huawei P30 Pro deals

Across the device, everything feels premium. Apple's near infinity OLED display with smart HDR looks stunning and its 2658mAh battery is a vast improvement on previous options. Although it hasn't been hugely improved on from the previous model it's about as high-end a phone as you can get right now and especially for this price. 

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