£75 cashback offer makes Plusnet one of the best cheap broadband deals in the UK

With so many different broadband deals bidding for your attention, a special incentive can be the perfect extra push you need to commit to your new internet provider. Offering enough cashback to become one of the cheapest options around, Plusnet seems to have hit the nail on the head with this philosophy.

Providing a massive £75 in cashback when you sign up for its most affordable ADSL package, Plusnet is fighting hard for that title of best cheap broadband deal. While it didn't quite pull into first place – that honour goes to Onestream and its £13.99 bills – it is the cheapest offer from a well-known supplier.

With that cashback, Plusnet's prices effectively drop from £18.99 down to £14.82. Combine that with the lack of any upfront costs and the free calls to Plusnet customers and we're struggling to find any negatives to call out.

You can see this offer in all of its glory down below or if messing around with cashback sounds like more effort than its worth, consult our broadband deals guide for all of the best prices around.

This cheap Plusnet broadband deal in full:

What other broadband deals are available? 

Want to go even cheaper than this? Then your only choice is Onestream. The lesser-known broadband provider has a package at just £13.99. It also only runs for 12 months so will be perfect for those needing less time with their internet.

If you're feeling like splashing out a bit more on your internet, there are some affordable fibre broadband deals out there. But for the cheapest fibre offer, nothing quite beats Vodafone's £19.99 a month offer.

Finally, for those wanting to go all out on their internet, BT could be the perfect option. Currently offering speeds of 50Mb for £31.99, you will have to pay a bit more than average. However, BT is throwing in a £60 pre-paid Mastercard and a £50 M&S voucher.

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