Google Fit gets a Dark Mode and charts your sleep data

It’s official: the Google Fit app is the latest to get a Dark Mode. An update brought the eyestrain-easing palette swap along with the ability to track sleep patterns through the app. 

Dark theme, as Google refers to it in its blog post, is just what it says – switch it on in the settings.

The other big feature addition lets you connect third-party sleep apps through Google Fit, which will then create charts to show your sleep patterns over time. This lets you edit and track your sleep history in one place alongside your other health data.

Lastly, iOS users are finally getting the workout route maps that have been on the Android version of Google Fit for some time. Now your map routes tracked through a Wear OS-running-smartwatch, Apple Watch, or other connected apps can be ported over to Google Fit. 

Dark Mode ahoy

It’s always a pleasure for another app to get a Dark Mode – it seems like one of the top features that fans clamor for, across all devices.

That’s especially true for services like Google Fit that, as of March 19, shut down its browser version to focus exclusively on its mobile app. Switching to visuals that are easier on the eyes is great for software on small-screen wearables you’ll likely check in low-light places or late at night.

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