Amazon's new fashion subscription will replace your outfits each month

Amazon has launched a new fashion subscription service called Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe that sends you a curated box of clothing each month.

Unlike Amazon's other recommendations, your monthly fashion box won't be curated by algorithms or based on your past purchases (a relief for anyone who enjoys spy novels but doesn't want a trench coat).

Instead, you'll complete a survey and the results will be sent to a 'stylist team', who will pick out garments and accessories based on your responses. Everything you're sent should  fit your measurements, suit your style preferences and be within a set price bracket.

It won't be a surprise box either; you'll be able to preview the items before they're shipped and swap out any you don't like. You can receive up to eight garments per month, but you can choose fewer if you prefer.

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Clothing subscriptions are nothing new (companies like Thread and Stitch Fix have offered them for years) but Amazon has a huge advantage thanks to all the customers who have already provided their delivery address and payment details, and trust the company's name.

The service is currently only available for women (with a men's version in the pipeline) and costs $4.99 (about £4, AU$7) per month, not including the price of the clothes themselves. It seems to be US-only for the time being, but we expect it will roll out to fashionistas in other territories before long.

Via The Verge

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