Spend your lunchtime playing Diablo in your web browser

There goes any chance of you leaving your desk this lunchtime – Blizzard's original Diablo game from 1996 can now be played in a web browser.

Hosted by the Blizzard-loving developers at Rivsoft, visiting https://diablo.rivsoft.net gives you access to the shareware version of the game, “based on source code reconstructed by GalaXyHaXz and devilution team.”

That gives you access to the first two areas of the game's giant dungeon, and makes one of Diablo's three character classes available. However, if you own the game from a site like GOG, you can go one better. According to the site, “if you own the original game, you can drop the original DIABDAT.MPQ” file onto the loaded browser page, and access the full game from within your browser.

Hellish beginnings

If you're a latecomer to the franchise, or just can't wait until Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal release, going back to the original game is a fascinating experience.

Lots of what makes the series so addictive remains, from the ghoulish monsters to the isometric viewpoint and moreish loot cycle. It's far simpler than the Diablo series would eventually become (and more than a little buggy), but it's also hugely ahead of its time – you wouldn't have World of Warcraft Classic or even the likes of Borderlands 3 without it.

And, it works surprisingly well as a browser game too. There's no lengthy conversations or start-up cut scenes – just a quick sojourn to the moody town of Tristram and then hours of imp-smashing, skeleton-whacking adventure.

Head here to give it a play. Just make sure your boss or teacher doesn't catch you when you should be working.

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