Google Chrome for desktop is getting a dark mode to transform night time browsing

Google is working on a dark mode for desktop versions of its browsers and its ChromeOS operating system.

For a few months it's been possible to activate a dark mode for Chrome on Android that changes the color of webpages, and according to 9to5Google, that feature will soon become cross-platform.

Currently, it's possible to activate dark mode on Chrome for Android by enabling a 'flag' (an experimental feature) in the browser. This Android-specific flag has now been replaced by one that will work across all platforms.

A walk on the dark side

When Android Q is released (possibly within the next few weeks), it will include a system-wide dark theme, which swaps the operating system's default bright white design to something easier on the eyes.

If you've experimented with the dark mode for Android, you may have noticed that it's not quite ready for release yet; some controls are tricky to see with the new colors, and websites are sometimes rendered hard to read where colors are inverted.

With Android Q now imminent, hopefully those issues will be resolved very soon and we'll be able to enjoy browsing the web in dark mode on all our devices.

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