Ask TechRadar your burning Back to School questions in our Twitter AMA

If you've got questions heading into this year's Back to School season, we want to be here to help. That's why we're running an Ask Me Anything question and answer session on Twitter this week, July 31 (10am ET/7am PT) through August 2 (4pm ET/1pm PT).

If you follow us on Twitter at this link within that window and mention us in a tweet with the hashtag “#TechRadarUniversity” alongside your question, we'll pool our gadget nerd knowledge to answer. 

Whether you ask which graphics card to pick when upgrading your dorm PC or which budget phone to consider that will last you through the school term – or anything in between – our experts will find the answers to your questions.

You've got a whole two days during which we'll make ourselves available for your questions directly. So, bring your Back to School tech buying questions and we'll be prepared to answer – on Twitter, starting July 31 at 10am ET.

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