Score a free Xbox One S or tablet with BT's excellent fibre broadband deals

We've become very used to BT dropping gifts and incentives with its fibre broadband deals – it's one of the things that makes them so popular after all. But this week, its outdone itself, offering everything from a free Xbox to M&S vouchers and pre-paid Mastercards.

BT appears to be appealing to the masses this week, with two different offers running on its packages. Which one to go for depends on a few different factors.

The first of the two deals offers a free Xbox One S or a free Samsung tablet. Scoring the offer means being in a 24-month contract and you have to subscribe to BT Sport alongside your internet to be eligible. For sports fans out there, that will be music to your ears – free tech, fibre speeds and BT Sport, especially with both the Premier League and UFC 240 streaming very soon.

Alternatively, BT has another deal in play offering pre-paid Mastercards and M&S vouchers, totalling over £100 in money back with your internet. And, these packages are cheaper than the above options, for those trying to save some hard-earned cash!

You can see the best BT Broadband deals offers down below including all of the different freebies. Or, if BT hasn't managed to capture your interest, check out our guide to the best broadband deals.

BT's broadband deals + console + BT Sport

All of the prices below are the base costs of these packages. However, to receive your free Xbox One S or Samsung Tab A you have to select a BT Sport option. Once you click through to the checkout, you can choose which BT Sport package to go with. With everything from the BT Sport app through to complete TV packages, costs will completely differ depending on which option you choose.

BT broadband deals + cashback and reward cards

Today's best BT broadband deals

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