Pokémon Duel will go offline in October

The Pokémon Company has announced that it will be shutting down its mobile strategy title, Pokémon Duel, on October 31 for both Android and iOS. 

First launched in 2017, Pokémon Duel was a somewhat unexpected free-to-play release that combined Pokémon characters with turn-based board game inspired gameplay. 

Once the shut down takes place, it’ll no longer be possible to install the game or update it. If it’s still on your phone following October 31, you’ll not be able to keep using the app as you have. 

Game over

Paid items, such as Gems, are no longer for sale in the game and players will have until the end of service date to spend the Gems they have. It’s no longer possible to buy a Player Pass, either. From August 26 there'll be no more Monthly Rankings or rewards related to them. 

The Pokémon Company hasn’t given fans a great deal of notice before the shut down, however, to express thanks to players who have enjoyed Duel it has added some in-game extras that will be accessible until the end. These include daily log in bonuses and additional figures to claim. 

Although it’s had tens of thousands of downloads, Pokémon Duel’s shut down isn’t exactly leaving mobile gamers bereft of Pokéoptions; there’s still the hugely popular AR Pokémon Go and the highly anticipated Pokémon Masters which will launch in August 2019. And outside of mobile there’s still the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games for Nintendo Switch in November 2019. 

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