Changing your phone work just got easier, Sky Mobile offers £150 off to celebrate

Changing your phone network used to be a bit of a nightmare. You had to ring up your network, wait on hold and then have a painful conversation with someone paid to persuade you to stay. Regulator Ofcom has changed all that.

Just send a text message and you can get the PAC code you’ll need to switch to a better deal elsewhere. 

You might guess some of the phone networks aren’t too pleased about this. But Sky Mobile is, and has kicked off the celebrations with a deal that will save you £150, and its non-promo prices are already competitive. 

A big saving

Sky Mobile offers the £150 saving on its 8GB data plans, enough for a lot of music streaming and dives down YouTube rabbit holes on the way to work. You can also increase your data allowance at any time without changing contracts – up to a whopping 40GB a month. 

Many of today’s most desirable phones are available on the deal. How about the iPhone XR, the longest-lasting Apple phone you can buy?

Switch now and you can get an iPhone XR for just £36 a month, with no up-front cost. Or if you are an Android fan, check out the Samsung Galaxy S10+ at £42 a month. It’s a significant saving compared to some of the other networks. We checked. 

Other phones Sky Mobile offers include the top-end iPhone XS and the Huawei P30 Pro, which has a fantastic camera. 

Special perks

Each plan comes with unlimited calls and texts as well as 8GB data a month. But Sky Mobile also offers some unique appeals. 

If you sign up to Sky TV services and stream content using the Sky Go, Sky Sports and Sky Kids apps, none of that data will count towards your allowance. Video streaming is one of the most data-hungry jobs for a phone. This perk is valuable. 

Any data you don’t use each month is automatically rolled over to the next. It all goes straight into your Sky Piggybank, which keeps any unused allowance safe for when you’ll need it, for up to three years. We love this feature, as you don’t get the sense you’re paying for data you never got the chance to use. 

If you do end up with a Piggybank full of unused data, you can cash it in for rewards. You can get money off accessories or your next mobile, or vouchers for Sky movies and TV shows. Sky Mobile also lets you share your stockpiled data with other SIMs on your account. 

Sky Mobile even lets you change your data plan month-to-month. And, no, it’s not just switching up to a pricier plan that’s allowed. You can jump to a cheaper one as well. 

When you sign up to Sky Mobile you’ll also see a choice between “Swap 12” and “Swap 24”. The first gets you a phone upgrade every year, so you can get the latest iPhone or Android without changing contracts, the second upgrades every two years – but you’ll pay less each month. 

Sky Mobile is here for the tech hounds as well as those just after a good deal on their next phone. 

How to switch

Interested? If you want to get your PAC code, just text “PAC” to 65075. Your mobile provider will then send your PAC code, which you then provide to your new network in order to keep your number. 

You enter that code when you order a new phone, the SIM comes in the post and you’re away. Now that changing your mobile provider is easier than ever, perhaps it is time to consider a switch to Sky Mobile

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