Microsoft accidentally reveals redesigned Windows 10 Start menu

Microsoft’s iconic Start menu has been the point of contention for fans since Windows 10 released, prompting the software giant to survey its testers specifically on the User Interface (UI) feature.

The result of that could mean a new look and layout of the Windows 10 Start menu, as a leaked test version of the operating system discovered by The Verge shows a complete redesign.

Build 18947 of the Windows 10 operating system was accidentally distributed to testers in the Windows Insider program who were using 32-bit systems. However, this particular build was only intended for internal staff working on Xbox development.

As mentioned, the leaked build contains a new stripped-back Start menu design, as seen in the above tweet from Twitter user @NTAuthority. The redesign does away with Windows 10 Live Tiles – a somewhat contentious feature seemingly introduced to make the UI more friendly for tablets and touchscreen devices.

Since January, we’ve heard word that Windows Lite will adopt such a design, with a more minimalistic approach to compete with Google’s ChromeOS and, while this isn’t an official announcement from Microsoft, it could be indicative of the stylistic direction the company will take.

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