Amazon Prime Day deals 2019: what's still on sale the after Prime Day

What's still on sale for Amazon Prime Day? That's the question we're here to help you answer, and the good news is that there are select deals still available.

Don't think of them as Prime Day leftovers. Think of it as deals so good that they just remain in stock for you to buy. Top-selling Amazon deals so far have been on 4KTVs and the company's own line of smart speakers. The Fire TV Stick has been so popular it's now backordered. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did well for himself in the last 48 hours.

Amazon has created a midsummer version of Black Friday deals, and it's become so popular that stores like Walmart and eBay are launching discounts to compete with Amazon. We've highlighted a new of those in our constantly updated deals list.

We're marking which Amazon Prime Day deals are out of stock, and which deals are still in play. You'll find that the Apple Watch 3 is sold out, but the Apple Watch 4 has a good discount attached to it – up to 69% off the newest version of the smartwatch.

Here are three Amazon Prime Day next-day tips: 

  1. Amazon sometimes offers an extra discount if you chose slow shipping. We've seen it as high as an extra $19.01 off the Apple Watch 4 (bringing the total discount to $69.01). Check the fine print in green on prices in your checkout basket.
  2. Click around products – if one version of an item is sold out, there may be another still in stock. Case in point, various laptop configurations have some versions in stock, while others have been depleted.
  3. Many Amazon Echo speakers and Fire TV Sticks are backordered, but still showing the same great low price (at least for now). You can get the deal price – if you don't mind waiting.

Amazon, of course, makes almost all of its own devices the stars of Amazon Prime Day, and that's been no different in 2019. This applies to everything from Echo smart speakers (including the newer Echo Show models), Fire TV Sticks, Fire Tablets and Kindles. 

Not everything on sale belongs in the purely tech – Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to get those essentials you need every month, or save some cash on important things for a summer trip coming up… we've got the best rounded up below.

There are a bunch of cheap laptops on sale as Prime Day deals, including the Surface Laptop. The cheapest prices, however, revolve around Google Chromebooks. That's going to be important if you're shopping during Amazon Prime Day for Back to School deals. 

Apple AirPods lead this category, with a rare price drop, even on the new wirelessly charging version of the true wireless earbuds. Noise-canceling headphones, gaming headphones and Bluetooth speakers are also on sale.

Smartphones deals are hard to come by, but Samsung came out in full force with Galaxy phone deals applying to both this year and last year's Android phones. Looking for deals on the Note 9, S9 or even the new S10 series? Prime Day deals have you covered.

How about a tablet? Everyone wants an iPad these days. Good news, it's on sale during Amazon Prime Day (while it remains in stock, of course). This applies to the latest entry-level iPad and the prior iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch display.

Amazon Prime Day has become one of the best ways to build our your smart home, and at the heart of it all is Alexa, the company's voice assistant. It's found in a lot of devices nowadays and connects to Ring video doorbells, robot vacuums and even electric toothbrushes and instant pots.

If you don't have a 4K TV yet, Amazon Prime Day represents your best shot as getting one for a cheap price. You could pay under $200 for a 43-inch 4K TV with HDR, for example – that's perfect for a second room.

Apple Watch and Fitbit rule the wearables deals on Amazon Prime Day, with a mix of smartwatches and state-of-the-art fitness trackers. But we also really like the Samsung Galaxy Watch (our top pick for smartwatches) if you have an Android phone.

Computing deals is a bit of a misnomer – it's a catch-all category for everything computing. It's a lot of hard drives, SSDs, Wi-Fi routers, keyboards and other accessories.

Cameras are consistently on sale every Prime Day, and this means you can finally save some money on GoPro, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras. Lenses are also on sale from each of the big-name camera makers.

Both games and consoles are on sale for Amazon Prime Day. We also spotlight some controller deals, just in case you want to go in on local multiplayer like the old days (and don't want to pay current exorbitant controller prices).

Expired deals

Some Amazon Prime Day deals may go on

It's almost over for Amazon Prime Day 2019, but some deals may remain available – as long as they remain in stock. We'll continue to update this best deals page as Prime Day ends and deals continue to expire.

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