Vodafone's super cheap fibre broadband deals just got even cheaper

Update: As if this price drop from Vodafone wasn't impressive enough in its own right, the ISP has made it EVEN better again by adding a FREE Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker to the mix. Get the cut price fibre and freebie from Vodafone here.

For those who have been scouring the internet market and are now considering cashing in on Vodafone's super cheap fibre broadband deals, the offer at hand just got even better.

Offering up some of the cheapest fibre prices on the market, Vodafone was already comfortably sat in the position of the cheapest well-known internet provider. But now, after cutting the price down by an extra pound a month, its deals just improved again.

You can see this cut price Vodafone broadband deal down below, or check out our guide to the best broadband deals to compare it to the rest of the options when it comes to internet.

Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

Want more with your broadband?

While this is one of the best, affordable fibre broadband deals around, you can technically go even cheaper. Thanks to a reward card offer from Plusnet, you can knock monthly bills down from £23.99 to an effective price of £20.65, putting it just below Vodafone. 

Or for the absolute cheapest price on fibre, Onestream is offering monthly costs of just £18.99.  However, this deal does also offer the lowest average fibre speeds on the market at 17Mb. Onestream also has the UK's cheapest internet at a monthly price of £13.99

Finally, for those who want an added extra with their internet, BT could be the way to go. It costs £31.99 a month but comes with a £30 BT reward card and a £80 M&S voucher on top of its 50Mb fibre speeds.

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