AKG N400 true wireless earbuds could be in the works

The true wireless earbud market is heating up with most major players having at least one entry into the field at this point, and now it looks like AKG will be joining the race.

A leak caught by XDA Developers has found mention of two new AKG headphones as well as a pair of true wireless earbuds in the Samsung SmartThings app. Samsung owns Harman Kardon, which in turn owns AKG.

Among the findings are three sets of images that appear in the SmartThings app, each with an associated product title relating to an as-yet unreleased device from AKG – the true wireless N400, the on-ear Y400, and the over-ear Y600 headphones.

AKG N400

Image credit: XDA Developers

The N400 appears to offer a similar form factor to the likes of the Galaxy Buds and the Jaybird Run, opting for a bulbous shape and wingtips rather than the longer protrusion of the Apple AirPods.

While no specs or features have been discovered alongside the leaked images and product titles, we can expect the premium hi-fi company to be focusing on audio fidelity with these buds, and if similar products are anything to go by, a charging case and on-board controls seem likely too.

While technically AKG has worked on a pair of true wireless buds in the past – the Samsung Galaxy Buds offer “sound by AKG” but are developed by Samsung – the N400 are the first of their kind to be fully developed, manufactured and marketed by the audio company.

As pointed out by XDA Developers, support for these three devices has actually been available in SmartThings since early June 2019 with the 1.7.33 update, although it’s unclear how long we’ll have to wait until they see the light of day.

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