These Samsung phone deals are worth a look if you're scared of Galaxy Note 10 pricing

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might now be just around the corner (August 7, to be precise) but considering it is rumoured to be coming with a price tag of £1,000+, it is likely to be taking a graceful leap over most users' budgets.

Luckily, the release of a new phone tends to mean price drops on the older handsets. In this case, we're now seeing some excellent prices across a range of Samsung phone deals.

Whether you want a decked out Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, an affordable Note 9 with tonnes of storage or even just a cheap Samsung phone, there seems to be an option for everyone right now.

We've listed our top picks below for Samsung deals to make you forget about the new and shiny (and oh so expensive) Samsung Note 10. Or you can see everything on the market with our mobile phone deals page

1. Go big on storage with the Note 9

2. The big kahuna of Samsung S10 Plus deals

3. Flagship specs, affordable prices – we present the S10e

4. Go cheap with this Galaxy A70 deal

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