Grab a free speaker with BT's 12GB data SIM only deal for effectively £9.50/pm

BT loves to give away an impressive freebie – a quick look at any BT broadband deals will show you that. But something we're less accustomed to is the company going big on its SIM only deals. And yet, here we are with free speakers, reward cards and impressive pricing.

The general gist of this offer is this – get a 12GB data (and unlimited calls and texts) SIM only deal from BT for £15/pm and receive a free JBL Bluetooth speaker worth £119. But here's where the offer gets really interesting. On top of the free speaker, BT is also giving away a £65 reward card – in other words, a pre-paid Mastercard to spend in-store or online as you please.

If you take into account the value of that reward card, you're effectively only paying £9.59 per month. That is an absolutely exceptional price for this much data, especially considering you're still getting the free wireless speaker.

If you don't happen to have your internet with BT you can still get this offer, but you will be paying slightly more…£20 a month to be exact. But you do still get both the speaker and the £65 reward card.

You can see this offer below, as well as all of BT's other SIM only offers, all with the speaker and reward card. Need something to pair with your brand new SIM? check our guide to the best SIM-free phones around. 

BT SIM only deal + free JBL speaker

What benefits does BT Mobile offer?

One of the major benefits of going with BT is the BT Wi-Fi hotspots. With five million hotspots across the country you can get access to the internet wherever you are, helping you save your data.

On top of that is the benefits of getting discounts for your whole family. If you have BT broadband, every single member of that household can grab a discount on their phone or SIMO.

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