NBN Co reaches its 2019 rollout and activation targets… just

After a shaky start, the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been staying largely on track of late, and the most recent word from NBN Co claims that it’s reached more of its targets.

Specifically, NBN Co forecast that the number of premises that were ready to connect by FY19 would be 9.7 million, and the rollout achieved 9.93 million by this time. Similarly, the number of actual activations was forecast to be 5.5 million but managed to just scrape over this with 5.52 million.

The company attributes its goal-hitting to the momentum it gained in the last three months, where it managed to connect over 1.1 million premises.

It’s worth noting, however, that these targets were revised from much loftier goals. The Corporate Plan released in August 2018 lowered the targets considerably, after the previous plan initially forecast 6.9 million activated premises by FY19, and 11.2 million ready to connect.

For the company to maintain its goal of completing the network by 2020, it would need to get 1.77 million more premises ready to connect in the next year, and activate another 2.58 million.

While we don’t yet have all the details and granular information on the network’s rollout, NBN Co will be releasing its full end of year results on August 15.

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