ICANN lifts price caps on .org domains

The internet registration outfit ICANN has agreed to remove price restrictions on .org domain names despite community outcry over the move.

Now the manager of .org domains, Public Interest Registry, will be able to charge as much as it wants for these domains which are typically used by non-profits and other organizations. 

Afilias, which manages the .info domain, will be allowed to charge as much as it wants for .info domain names as well.

ICANN's decision to lift the price cap on .org domain names goes against the fact that only six out of the over 3,000 comments it received on the issue were in favor of removing price caps.

Domain name price caps

There are currently 10m .org domains registered and these domains were registered under a system that prevented Public Interest Registry from increasing prices at will.

Now though, non-profits and other organizations that have been using their .org domains for years could face steep price increases.

However, Public Interest Registry's management will likely wait a while before making any major changes to avoid increased backlash over the removal of price caps.

By removing price caps on .org domains, ICANN has set the precedent that it could one day agree to price increases for .com domains.

Via Domain Name Wire

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