The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked SIM-free prices in July 2019

When it was released the Samsung Galaxy S8 held the spot of best phone in our eyes for quite a while. We have had a number of new winners like the S9 Plus, iPhone XR and most recently the S10, since but this is still a seriously great device. 

We've been trawling through the best prices for unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets from the major retailers including the big hitters of Amazon and eBay to ensure you're getting the best price possible this month.

There is a bit of a choice to be made here as you can spend an extra £100 or so to go up a model and get the Galaxy S9 SIM free instead. But if you're all about saving those pennies this is the perfect option. 

Buying SIM-free may well be the best route for you to get your hands on the phone rather than our selection of the best Galaxy S8 deals, which usually run for at least two years. If you're in a contract and want to replace phone you've lost or had been stolen, or whether you just don't want to enter a 24 month contract, this could be the best way to get the Galaxy S8 in your hands.

Once you've found your favorite deal for the Galaxy S8, we've also put together a selection of cheap SIM only deals for you to pick from too. There we have options for 12-month plans and even one month rolling contracts too so you can find the cheapest way of owning the Galaxy S8.

Today's cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked / SIM free prices:

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