Constant Contact unveils new WooCommerce and Shopify integrations

During this year's Internet Retailer Conference, online marketing company Constant Contact announced new integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify that will make it easier for small businesses to succeed at e-commerce.

Small businesses that are using WooCommerce can easily connect their stores to their Constant Contact email account, enabling them to incorporate automated, personalized emails into their marketing efforts.

By syncing their contacts and using pre-defined customer segments, WooComerce users will now be able to send automated emails with complete product information to new customers, repeat customers and to customers who have made a purchase in the last 30 days.

Shopify integration

Constant Contact is also revamping its popular Shopify integration by giving small businesses the ability to segment their online store customers based on their purchase activity. This means they can now create personalized marketing emails based on an activity such as the number of orders a customer has completed in a given time period and revenue generated by a customer from orders in a given time period.

Small businesses can even take this functionality a step further by adding in additional data, including email open and click activity, as well as contact details such as location and birthday month.

Vice president of corporate strategy at Constant Contact, Luca Sechi explained how an e-commerce marketing strategy can make or break the success of small businesses operating online, saying:

“A strong, well designed, and effective e-commerce marketing strategy can be the thin line between the success and downfall of e-commerce businesses. Creating a marketing strategy for e-commerce is not just about how to get more sales but also making the customer experience better, generating repeat business, creating brand awareness, and building lasting customer relationships. These integrations, coupled with Constant Contact's award-winning customer support and marketing guidance, are designed to help small business retailers build a solid foundation for success with their e-commerce businesses.” 

Constant Contact also announced that it will offer live, real-time marketing advice on the phone and online from an award-winning team of marketing advisers to help simplify e-commerce for small businesses.

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