Telstra's new SIM-only plans serve up some of the telco's best-ever deals

Although Telstra might be known for some of the more, ah, “premium priced” phone plans available in Australia, that high cost is typically paired with a wide range of included extras and frankly excellent coverage.

So when the country's biggest telco decides to offer up some of its magic at a discount, it's probably a good time to start paying attention. 

Telstra's new range of just-released SIM-only mobile plans pack some serious punch for new customers signing up to the network, with two of its 'Mobile BYO' plans proving particularly attractive thanks to an extra 30GB of data and a price reduction of $20 per month.

This puts them squarely up against Optus' offerings, which has held the SIM-only crown quite comfortably in the past, but now seemingly has a bit more competition.

Both these Telstra plans come with Peace of Mind data, which means that if you (somehow manage) to go over your data limit, then instead of being charged for excess usage, your download speed will simply be capped to 1.5Mbps. And if you need additional data at full speeds, you can optionally pay the regular $10 per GB if you wish.

On top of this, customers on these SIM-only plans will be able to stream audio via Apple Music without it counting towards your plan's total data cap, and be able to watch AFL, AFLW, NRL, Netball and Hyundai A-League matches on their devices both live and data-free.

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