BBC investigation reveals UK universities under cyberattack

While businesses are often the target of cyberattacks, new research from BBC's Radio 4 has revealed that two thirds of UK universities have been hacked over the past four years.

In addition to obtaining data on students and staff, the hackers behind the attacks also acquired valuable university research.

According to EfficientIP, UK universities and the public sector as a whole don't understand the value in the data they hold leaving IT infrastructures' highly vulnerable to cyberattacks especially lesser known attacks on Domain Name Systems (DNS).

DNS attacks

As DNS is open by design, it is one of the easiest parts of a network for cybercriminals to target. Through DNS attacks hackers are able to obtain sensitive data as well as cause application downtime.

Data from EfficientIP's 2018 Global DNS Report revealed that the majority (96%) of public sector organizations have fallen victim to a DNS attack in the last 12 months with 33 percent of organizations facing an average of 20 attacks.

The research also showed that 24 percent of UK public sector organizations had intellectual property stolen as a direct impact of DNS attacks.

Businesses have already learned how valuable their data and it is about time that universities and other public sector organizations do so as well.

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