Apple Music may replace iTunes at WWDC 2019

Apple could be retiring its iconic music software next week, according to a new report from Bloomberg

The report came out on Friday – just three days ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote – and it gives some key details on the Cupertino-based company’s plan to bring the apps we use on iPhones like Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts to macOS. 

This could be problematic, as any iPhones currently use iTunes to manage backups and stored data but, according to Bloomberg's report, that could all be moved to the new Apple Music app. 

Should these plans come to fruition, Tim Cook will likely explain the shift in full detail on Monday, but it seems like a smart move considering how much the music software is responsible for and how bloated it’s become in the last few years. 

Three apps could certainly spread the workload some… although it comes at the cost of one of the world’s most-recognized pieces of software.

Is this iTunes' final overture?

What Bloomberg's sources didn't say is how long the migration from iTunes to Apple Music would take – if it will happen immediately or if Apple will draw it out for months. 

While we'll still need specifics from Apple as to how the transition would work, it seems like an easy job porting your music library over to Apple Music and all your movies and shows to the Apple TV app. For the last two years Apple has used Music in lieu of iTunes on iOS, and – incessant offers to sign up for a monthly subscription aside – the change was barely noticeable.

Either way, we'll get full details on Monday morning at Apple's WWDC 2019 keynote.

  • Apple might also tell us a bit more about its Apple Arcade service…

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