The best big data SIM only deal just came to an end – what's the next best SIMO option?

For those on the big data SIM hunt, your timing is just ever so slightly late to reap the benefits of the best SIMO we've ever seen. That may have been a discouraging way to start so let us pick you back up by letting you know that the big data SIM only deal market is still remarkably strong right now. 

With options on an exclusive unlimited data SIM with a host of benefits, a cheap, big data Vodafone deal with cashback to bring its price back down and of course, EE's best pick, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice.

And you know that 'best SIM only deal' we mentioned above, when we said it's gone we meant its gone up by £2 a month, now costing £22 instead. That means you'll only actually have to pay an additional £24 over the year…sorry, we have a flair for the dramatic.

These big data SIM only deals in full:

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