Sky Broadband Boost is here to pursuade you to buy its broadband deals

Sky has announced a new offer that aims to give its customers the fastest broadband speeds possible – and it's aptly named Sky Broadband Boost. Yup, this is a direct attack on BT Broadband and Virgin Media broadband and it might just work.

Sky Broadband Boost is clearly a response to the new Ofcom rules that mean providers must pay fines to customers when they fail to offer the broadband speeds they promised at point of sale. As such this new Boost offer is being put in place to make sure every Sky broadband user gets exactly what they're paying for – it will be added on automatically to all new packages.

That means that Broadband Boost offers daily monitoring of your line and if any fault is found you'll get a text saying Sky is working to fix it fast. On top of that, if you need an engineer visit, that will be available for free even at weekends and evenings. Sky also says if your speeds drop it'll pop 2GB of data in your Sky Mobile Piggybank, presuming you have the mobile package too.

Also launched with this new service is an app to control your service better, called Sky Broadband Buddy. It's designed for parents who want a bit more control over what their children are getting up to online and monitor screen time.

If you want to discuss the new perk in more detail and talk through package options, you can call 0800-014-2334 to speak to somebody about Sky broadband deals.

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