This TechRadar exclusive internet offer is the cheapest fibre broadband deal around

For the longest time, the title of cheapest fibre broadband deal has gone to lesser known Onestream. But now, that position has been pulled out from beneath it from another underdog of the internet service provider world – POP Telecom. 

Haven't heard of POP? That's okay, it's here to show the big names of internet some competition with impressively cheap broadband. All you need to know is that exclusively for you readers of TechRadar it is offering the cheapest fibre broadband on the market.

How cheap exactly? With a monthly price of £19.90, POP is offering prices nearer to old-fashioned ADSL packages than fibre. The even better news is that POP hasn't given an end date for this offer so there's no need to panic buy it in the next hour. But like all good things, it will eventually come to an end so we wouldn't wait around too long.

Ready to cut your internet bills down? You can see this offer in full down below. But if you want to see just how much you're saving here, you can compare this offer with the rest of the market on our broadband deals page.

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This exclusively cheap broadband deal

How does this compare to other broadband deals?

So you already know you won't get a cheaper fibre broadband deal but what other options are out there?

Possibly the best known name UK broadband is BT, a provider with a pretty brilliant offer right now. Get either BT's Superfast fibre 1 or Superfast fibre 2 package and you'll not only get superfast fibre speeds, but also a pre-paid Mastercard and a free gift. You can choose between an Amazon Echo, JBL Bar studio or Hive Smart Lights pack.

Or for another brilliant offer from a well-known name, Vodafone is offering fibre internet at the price of £21 a month. While that is already pretty affordable, it gets even better with TechRadar's exclusive offer of a £30 Amazon UK gift card.

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