Dark Mode is coming in Android Q

Android Q is bringing a long-awaited feature to your phone – it'll debut a new Dark Mode across the entirety of Google's software.

Various Android apps have come with a dark theme in the past, but this is the first time you'll be able to have the entire OS in a darker hue, which will make it easier on your eyes when using your phone in the dark.

It's called Dark Theme, and the short teaser we saw showed it used for Google's main user interface as well as Google Photos, Google Play Music and Twitter.

At launch it's likely to mostly be for Google's own apps, but the company is providing an API so third-party developers can also harness the benefits of the new darker theme.

Little else is known about Dark Mode for Android, as it was only briefly mentioned on stage at Google I/O. You can keep up with our full Google I/O live blog here.

We don't know exactly when Android Q will land on devices, but we can expect to see it later in 2019 if the company's previous software schedule is anything to go by. It is also likely to debut on the Google Pixel 4.

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