Live stream snooker World Championship 2019 final: how to watch Higgins vs Trump from anywhere

So we've made it to the final after a fortnight of fascinating snooker from the 2019 World Snooker Championship. It's been a vintage year featuring the most century breaks ever, the first whitewash in decades and, of course, one of the biggest shock results in the history of sport! And with this guide you can find out how to get a World Championship snooker live stream from absolutely anywhere in the world you are.

It all got started when world number one and snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of 23-year-old amateur James Cahill in the first round. Astonishing stuff – Ronnie was the pre-tournament favourite for this year's crown.

But now we've reached the final – John Higgins vs Judd Trump. If that sounds familiar, then you may be remembering the 2011 World Snooker Championship final when Higgins won the same matchup. That was the last of the Wizard of Wishaw's four world titles to date, and this is is third final in a row. Judd Trump on the other hand, is still seeking his first crown. His potting throughout the tournament has been extraordinary…can the 29-year-old left-hander win the big one at the Crucible?

The great news is that getting a snooker live stream of the 2019 World Championship is really easy, as the BBC has the rights to show it in all its glory. And even if you're going to be outside the UK keep reading as we’ll show you how to watch from wherever you are.

How to watch the Snooker World Championships for free in the UK

Live stream the Snooker World Championship from outside your country

If you're not in the UK this fortnight and find the BBC coverage geo-blocked where you are, then there are still ways you can watch. Firstly, you can scroll down to see international viewing options.

Or, if you're still struggling, get out of this tricky snooker with a VPN. It's really easy to do – and even easier with our three step guide below.

Live stream the Snooker World Championship on Facebook

If you don’t happen to live in the UK, don’t worry as the 2019 World Championship is again being broadcast in more than 30 countries around the world for free on Facebook. The list of countries included features the US, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Colombia and more from the Americas and Asia.

All you need is a Facebook login to watch the live action, with your choice of which table to watch at any one time. Head on over to the World Snooker Facebook page to watch.

How to watch the Snooker World Championship in Australia

How to watch a snooker live stream in Canada

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